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Red Hot Service - If it is urgent and you have an immediate need for delivery, this is the service for you! We pick-up and deliver direct! 24 hours - 7 days, UNI-Carrier is proud to have completed many "NOW" delivery needs and in most cases, we hear "Wow...that was fast!"

  • This service is ideal for a "down line" in manufacturing -- many employees with nothing to do is costing you significant dollars!
  • Perfect for Important / Confidential / Sensitive Documents where delivery is critical

4-Hour Service - Shipments picked up and delivered within a 4-hour period. 4-hour period begins at the time of availability of the shipment and / or notification and notification must be made by 12:30 pm.

  • This service will allow you to notify our office when you know a shipment is going out. This service is available during business hours; however, notification must be given by the deadline noted on our rate sheet.

Same Day Service - Shipment picked up and delivered by the end of the business day (5:00 p.m.). Notification must be made by 10:30 am.

Loop to Loop Service

  • All services
  • Only applies within the Chicago Business District
  • Minimum time billed -- 1 hour
Mileage is calculated from the pick up location to delivery location.
CALL TODAY! 630-434-7000 or toll free 888-A RED HOT (888-273-3468)
UNI-CARRIER offers the same professional and >prompt service, including same day: dedicated direct service 24/7. This is ideal for distributors, manufactures, and service firms that need immediate shipping of their product.

To assist our customers and to make our deliveries and pickups more efficient we have equipped all of our vehicles with hand carts. This has made us one of the safest delivery services in the Chicago area with reduced workman’s compensation claims and reduced damage to our customer’s freight.
Our messengers and couriers are bonded, drug free and all are given a background check prior to and during the course of their employment. If your envelope has a valuable or an extremely important document you can trust UNI-CARRIER to get this envelope and small package from the pickup point to the delivery point without worry. We have even handled executive’s personal matters, large and small corporation’s documents and records successfully without incident.
UNI-CARRIER offers inner-office or inner-company scheduled route services. This service is ideal for multi-locations within a company or commercial retail locations that need to move documents and correspondences on a routine basis. UNI-CARRIER will offer a flat rate to perform this weekly or daily service and do so with uniformed professional couriers. If you have multi-locations that have routine distribution or correspondences please feel free to call us for a proposal.

UNI-CARRIER offers controlled environment warehousing and distribution of your shipments. Our facility is secured 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. If the growth of your company has reduced the space for your manufacturing we can assist you in warehousing and distribution which REDUCES your cost to rent or add on to your existing facility.